Discipline is the Key to Success


We want success for our friends,  families, and ourselves. However, the victory comes to people  who use discipline as the key to  their own success.

They Wake Up Early

When people wake up early, they use morning hours for meditation, contemplation, and preparation  for daily  tasks.

They Exercise

People  who exercise  have  active and responsive bodies. Their bodies age  slowly  because exercises  keep muscles, organs and body systems in shape.

They Learn New Things Every Day

People who want be successful  follow news in the business world. They constantly renew their knowledge and strive to be best in their field of work.

They Check Goals Daily, Monthly and Yearly

People  who want to achieve goals  must have  the plan. A  notebook, Google Sheets,  and Notes work well for marking important points for  the day, month and year. Reviewing goals help people keep track and work on their progress.

They Eat Nutritious  FoodDiscipline is the Key to Success

People know that our healthy bodies help people  achieve success faster. We can concentrate on  our dreams and goals. We know that our mind functions well. Proper nutrition gives fuel to our cells. We have  the energy to accomplish tasks.

They Maintain Positive Attitude

Positive thoughts bring positive results. When  we expect an   outcome that is beneficial to us, we achieve  the outcome. Positive energy releases tension and gives us  the power to achieve goals.

They help less fortunate human beings

They know that helping others helps themselves.

They stay on  track

Successful people focus on their goals and dreams. They stay away from distractions such as phone calls, TV,  and social media. People check their goals, make remarks if changes happen,  and move forward.

How Great Is Your Enthusiasm?

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”. These Ralph Waldo Emerson’s words are actual now as it were  hundred years ago.Let's follow passion

If you look around, all the greatest  creations, ideas, and works came from people who care about their activities. Everything that is made without enthusiasm is dull or colorless, without the  spark of life.

Is the Enthusiasm in our Veins?

I think that all children have this trait from beginning. They explore  the world with curiosity, always hoping for something new and exciting.If we watch children how do they play and interact, we will see that they are full of life. Can we tell the same about adults? I do not think so because we forgot that passion and enthusiasm is.

Can We Find it Again?

Yes, we can. It is around us just we need to be aware of our lives and surroundings.  The enthusiasm gives color to everything that we do. New ideas show up, solutions start to appear easy and lovable to perform. When we like that we do, everything starts and ends without obstacles. If we have some disturbances, we use creativity and we solve problems fast. We care because we like that we do.

Dream Big

When we are enthusiastic about something, we can reach stars, climb mountains, explore caves, find the cure for the  illness. Scientists, composers, painters, politicians reached heights when they were enthusiastic about topics and ideas, ways how to find  the best solution or how to create new things.

Look for Role Models and Inspirations

Sometimes  the life is dull and monotonous. What can  we  do? Meeting interesting people, seeing new places, reading inspirational books and achieving goals force us to feel alive again. The enthusiasm  for us will show up from examples, which could  find when we look for it.

When we do that we want to do, we ignite passion. Our activity feeds our minds and fulfils our hearts with joy and courage. We like that we do. If  we reach results, our enthusiasm will flourish. The inspiration from our achievements give   us  the push forward and we feel as children looking ahead that is going to be in the future.

Health Prevention

Health prevention

The Health is Our Best Asset

Prevention of health must be our first task and focus. Without it, it does not matter how rich we would be,  the joy of life and productivity would leave us. Imagine that you have plenty  of ideas and money to accomplish them. Unfortunately, your back hurts you from sitting by the computer,  the sleep is disturbed, because we eat at  night and so on.

If we  take care of our business but we  forget ourselves and  our health, all the money in the world will not bring happiness.

When we feel good and we are full of energy, we can move mountains. We can help others and  less fortunate, we can change  their lives.

What would you do for yourself that to stay fit, smart and energetic? There are  so many ways how to take care of ourselves. One  of them is to take care of our bodies.

The organic, nutritious food, rich in vitamins and minerals will give us energy. Exercises such as yoga, martial arts,  the walking or running will keep us in shape.

Get Up

If we spend  time sitting  by the  computer, we must take care of our posture. Sitting too long by desk makes us tired and gives a pressure for our bodies, especially for the back. It does not matter, if we sit straight, this position shortens our capability to perform our tasks in the best way as possible.

Sometimes writers forget to change position and they can get some nerves into  the trouble  because it can be bent or  proper blood  circulation to one or another part of  the body can be interrupted.

If somebody works longer by  the computer such as writers, affiliate marketers, brokers or designers, developers, they would improve their health situation working by  the stand-up desk. This   height-adjustable stand-up desk let you  perform your task in standing position. Your back and legs will be thankful for a nice change.

There are some great exercises such as cobra position. It is better to get strange glimpses from your co-workers compare with a pain in the back. This pain or feeling of tense occurs, when we spend time in one position, our back is crunched or in angle, which makes pressure for our neck.

Having a healthy back is not enough. Our eyes are not just the mirror of  the soul. They are our receivers of information. Eyes need exercises too. Having breaks between writing, it  helps eyes to adapt physical loads and  to serve us in the best way.

Prevention is a key to good health. If we are not healthy, we can not achieve good results. If  the body is sick,  it interferes with clear thinking. Just strong willed people can forget  the pain and move on, complete their tasks and reach goals.

Tips to Wealth and Health

You would ask what  could  be more important:  the wealth or health? I think that both  of them have the  strong correlation. They can not exist without each other if we want to lead successful  and productive lives.

Especially those, who want to be independent, to work from any place in the world, to move freely, to have flexible bodies and uncluttered minds, a  health prevention is a must to do the  thing when we  incorporate on  our lives the action  and complex of habits.

Having schedules to our busy lives is a must thing. When we plan, we prepare ourselves to perform in the  best way and to follow rules, how to successfully stay in a good shape and achieve best results.

Plan for the  day, month and year. Be accountable for all things which are on your plan. Check constantly how do you feel as the  human being, friend, family member.

Remember, you must at first  to love yourself. After this, you will have  the  capacity to help and provide for  others.

There are  ways to prevent our health.


We are what we put in. If we consume junk food, sooner or later we will be obese  and unhappy with chronic diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, the heart and memory problems. Getting proper nutrition and consuming organic food, avoiding sugar, soda,  and processed foods, we can stay in shape many years ahead.


Exercises help us to be flexible, resistant to outside events, such as  the cold or days without sun. When we move, our bodies produce serotonin, a hormone for happiness. We become strong and full of energy because muscles and heart are trained.


This ancient method gives us a  relief from stress. It let us  return to ourselves, to find inner peace. It reminds us that everything is okay, we do not need to  rush.


Our success has strong ties with our lifestyle. Are we organized, responsible and genuine people? Do we know that it is an  integrity? Do we follow our hearts and make ourselves happy?

Self -control

Being responsible for our actions and words, following directions and goals, which are for us, not for somebody else, it  keeps us on the right track. We need constantly revise our tasks and actions. Controlling ourselves, it  lets us  move forward. Without it, we can return to old habits quickly.

These above-mentioned topics are close correlated to our health. If something does not work  for us, it throws  us out  of balance. After stress can be problems with sleeping, tiredness, lack of the  concentration and so on. If we move smoothly and in balance with ourselves, our health and wealth would flourish.

What Does it in Common with Wealthy Working Anywhere?

If we will be sick or unhappy, obese and out of balance, the  wealth will not give us pleasure. Of course, it is better to be unhealthy and reside in Switzerland, somewhere in St. Moritz resort, but it is not  the best way to be happy. Taking control of our health is  the  best way  to prevent  it from anything that could  happen for us. Of course, we can not be 100% sure that we will be well and sound till 140 years. However, staying in a  good shape, being sharp and fit, it goes as  the perfect match for wealth.

We can enjoy fruits of our work  when we are at   the peak of our performance. I think that it is a delight to be able  to travel, choose any destination or just stay anywhere where we want to be. A great health lets us  reach our goals and achieve our dreams. When we prevent our health, it pays  us in the  enormous dividends such as fulfilling life.

Purpose of Firm Work

A purpose of firm work is to reach our goals. These tasks could  be as  finishing school or complete a project, which seems scary at first. We heard mostly all time that hard work pays off. Overall I do not like this expression. For me,  hard work associates with physical labor, which is good for a short period of time.

Of course,  there are fields, which require  the strength and endurance. In many parts of  the world,  people work long hours and they  get relatively small payment. What I mean relatively? The level of  the economy is different  in countries. Somewhere  you can get food for dollar  for whole day.

Choose Work in a Smart Way

Nowadays, when the Internet is everywhere, human beings can get information at any time when they need it. What does  it mean? It means that if we work smarter, our goals could be achieved without constraint and headache. Information is available through scientific magazines online, Wikipedia, forums,  and websites.Purpose of firm work

Use Your Mind Diligently

We need to know what   do we want. We  must work diligently towards our goals. If we decide  to do something, such as to  write a book about dog food, we need to gather all information, related to this particular  topic. It would take time, but if we will research scientific magazines, books about  nutrition and an  impact for the  body from different types of  food, this  a firm work will pay off. When we plan and decide what we would like to  do each day, we do not feel the  pressure.

Organization is a Key to Success

We know that we could achieve goals. We have  a plan. Without organization, our goals could be scary and too big for us. A work could be  overwhelming for us to complete. When we divide the task  into parts by importance and we  finish one thing after another, it   makes us  feel relaxed. We know that we can reach our goals.

 Book Getting Things Done   is  written by David Allen. The  author shares his methods how to work stress-free. We are  productive when we are relaxed. When we  organize thoughts in the same way as files, we help ourselves to live creative and rewarding lives.

Plan and Finish your Work Until  the End

If we apply our thoughts on the  sheet paper, they would materialize. When they are written, they look real. The plan on paper prompts us to start and finish what we begin.  The firm work pays off  if  it  is  done with the intention to achieve best results. It pays us dividends such  as an  emotional pride for themselves. We achieved our goals, working toward it  consistently and diligently.

Just Do What You Want to Do

The purpose of firm work is to reach the best results when we use our best abilities and power of  the mind. We can achieve what do we want, when we plan how it can be done in the  most efficient way, using best available techniques and resources. The firm work means that we do not sit and wait when somebody will bring for us happiness and fulfillment for our lives. It means that we stream to do what we want to do in a best efficient  way.

It requires research, thinking, planning and reorganizing, especially if something goes in  a wrong way. This process gives us  the contentment and pride for ourselves  because we know what do. We know that after achieving one goal, we will reach for another task.

Education for Coup

The education is for  the coup if we would choose the  right field, where we could exercise our best traits and develop new ones. Experts advice for getting the  college degree  in these high competition times. We suppose to spent few years, learning things. It can be easily forgotten, if we would stop educate themselves after finishing educational institutions.Education for coup

Educational Costs

Nowadays, the  amount of the  money increases for tuition and boarding every year. It does not matter, do we want it or not. Forty nines years ago, in 1966 issue of Forbes Magazine, was written:

“Why does college cost so much? It’s a national headache, but more to the point it’s a very personal for a large proportion of FORBES readers, those with children and grandchildren to educate. As our article shows, it now costs at least $4,000 a year to keep an offspring in one of the better-known Ivy League schools; at least $2,000 in the big state universities.”

It seems that nothing changes today, except price and request  to  be a college graduate. Why? Because studies show, that  big difference is  between people with high school education and those, who have bachelors or masters degree. The difference is  the  ability to get  the job, benefits and  the bigger paycheck.

According  to the Forbes Magazine, The Best 200 colleges in the  USA are these, who rank best as low debt, high graduation, student satisfaction and career success places.

First in a list is Pomona College in Claremont, CA. Total cost is $62,632. The last one is the  University of  the Arizona, Tucson, AZ. Total cost for this university would be from $25, 157 till $43,621. This amount of money is pretty big  if we consider that students do not have savings or  the help from their parents. It would be great if they could get the  job right away.

Overall, college graduates, earn $1.28 million more over their lifetime compare with people who have only high school diploma. This gap is constantly widening.

Success Versus Diploma

I think that  it is fascinating to have  the diploma and  be free of debt. Unfortunately, according to the  Forbes Magazine, forty million of  Americans are in debt. The amount is huge: nearly $1.4 trillion. Eight millions of these borrowers are in default. I do not want  to  scare you or turn away from getting a college diploma. I would like to tell, that there are ways how to reach financial stability and make  your dreams come true. This way is  the  entrepreneur’s way.

I think you know famous people such as an  actor Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg or Ellen DeGeneres. Bill Gate,  the co-founder and chairman of Microsoft corporation are  the  cherry on the top of cake. Everybody knows him, if not personally, then from articles, books,  and association with his creation: Microsoft company and Bill and Melinda’s foundation.

Do What You Like, Go for It

What forces these people to drop from college or Harvard and start their business?  Jonathan Hoenig, who manages a  hedge fund worth of tens millions of dollars, says that “being in the trenches was a lot more valuable than being in the  ivory tower of school.” According to Hoenig, “ambition, hunger, ability and drive are more important in today’s environment than a degree.” If you have  a vision and  drive, you can survive and flourish without  the degree.

                                                                 Between Famous Dropouts Are

  • Paul Allen,  the co-founder of Microsoft. His worth is $ 22.7 billion
  • Ben Affleck, the  Oscar winner for ” Good Will Hunting”
  • Michael Dell, the  founder of Dell computers. His worth about$ 1.7 billion
  • Steve Jobs. Everybody loves him, despite all books published about him.  His worth is  about $4.4 billion.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow, the actress. A winner of Academy Award for best actress in the movie “Shakespeare in Love”
  • Madonna.The performer, named as the most successful female recording artist of all time by the Guinness Book of World  Records.
  • Cindy Crawford, the  supermodel, highest paid model in the fashion industry.

These real examples show that everything is possible, just we need to know, what do  we want from life. It takes time when we  have goals and move towards them. It will be drawbacks, ups,  and downs.

Todd Gabel, the  founder of Nexum Inc., a Chicago company, was street smart and able to read what people want. He dropped out of the University of Texas because his grades were grim. When he was a child, his teacher in school told his mother: ” Do not waste money for college on this child.”Education for coup

How Can  We Explain Phenomena of These Genial People?

Restaurant owner Kevin Boehm explains pretty well for Redeye, Chicago Tribune publication, that he treated his time, working at restaurants like the college education. There he got a practical experience how to create plans for the  next move. He did not hope that opportunities will fall out of  the air. He  worked hard.  Kevin Boehm  enjoyed what he did.

Turn Your Hobby to Business

I think that we all have hobbies. It does not matter what it is.  We like it and we excited about our activities.  We can spend numberless hours doing what do we love.  The time goes fast for us. We energized and relaxed.

What you would do, if you would know that there is a place,  where you can turn your passion to business?A place,  where you can do  what you like with unbelievable low -cost?

Wealthy Affiliate University

This opportunity, what I will offer for you is a  real, legit and transparent platform. This company is an unbelievable place, where your dreams could visualize and become true.

You can ask, what I know about your dreams? Sorry, I do not know. But if you would like, you can leave a comment at  the end of   this article. Everybody is different, but I think that we all  want happiness for themselves and our families. We want stability and assurance that after few years we do not wait for the  answer from agencies or companies, where we had  applied for the  job.

Otherwise, if we have a  job, but we need an extra income, this training platform is  good for us too.

The  cost is 15 cups of Starbuck coffee per month. The  Premium membership gives you online entrepreneur  certification, which has  50 lessons. Besides it, to those, who want start affiliate business,  there are 70 lessons regarding affiliate marketing.

What  is an Affiliate Marketing?

I guess that you know the  Amazon. This giant has  a program, where you promote products. When somebody buys something from Amazon, you got your share from sold item. Simple.

Webinars, a  community support, 24-hour live chat, 25 websites with hosting are real and dependable ways to sustain a  successful online business.

I would think, why  do I need to  go to the college and spend few years and money for acquiring degree?  I can do it at my free time at low- cost and receive the  best education. This education will support you through the life  because what do  you learn, you do not need to carry on shoulders.

Your Business, Your Success

This a  particular education is about online business. As you know, the millions of people search  the Internet for services and goods. Computers are part of our lives. Knowing how to navigate on the Internet and how to  create  the business online is an opportunity, which can turn your life to continuous adventure, full of contentment and the joy. Why? Because we  are the  hosts of our destinies. When you know how to run the  successful business online, using your computer, iPad or phone, from anywhere in  the world, you  are free and relaxed. You know that success  is in your hands. You learned from experts and members, who already are victorious in online careers.