How to Start Online Business for Free

Online business lets  you   be own boss. How to start the  online business for free  you can find here.

Libraries are gems. They offer computers and free Internet.

Your time is free too. Your intention to be free and run the online business must be stronger as opinions of naysayers.

Do You Know What You Want?

The online business can contain many meanings. It can be  e-commerce store, the website which offers information about products, the website which presents service such as repair of cars or travels to new countries.

There are just examples where your online business can flourish.

There so many possibilities to earn money online through the  creation of  the website.

Do Not Be Scarred

Nowadays the writing platform WordPress helps to run the  online business.

How to do it? You register at the WordPress website. Here you will get instructions how to use the frame of the  website and how to start presenting information about products or services.

One thing is important. You must  know what you want to present on your website. You must love and be knowledgeable about your described topics.

Have a Passion

The health, arts, sports and technical stuff are just small areas for topics. It is advisable to write about things which you love and know.

You heard  a saying that if you do what you like, you do not work.

Remember if you met somebody who has the same interest as you.  It is a pleasure to talk and listen  to a person who is excited about the same topic.

It is the same with  the website. When you write about things or products which you love, your website will attract visitors who want to read about them.

Create the Website for Free

You can start the  online business creating the  website. The WordPress is a great option and way to present your passion online. This writing platform is easy to use. You do not need to learn how to code.

There are some details which can be confusing. For example,  you write the content. Yu want to spread the message about your products or service worldwide. Plugins are helpful tools. They increase the performance of your website.

To learn how to create the  business online you can read various WordPress tutorials.

Would You  to Like Attend University for Free?

Sometimes we need advice from more experienced people. It is great if  a friend or  a family member is professional in the area of online business’s creation.

Unfortunately, I know many people who are lost when they start to learn how to create the  online business.

Hee to our help the Wealthy Affiliate’s community comes. Members of Wealthy Affiliate are experienced and friendly. They help each other with advice. You can get here answers to any question. If they do not know, they point you to webinars or courses of certification.

Knowledge is the power. You can become the powerful and experienced owner of the  website.

The Wealthy Affiliate’s University is a place where you can get all tools for online business creation. No credit cards, no loans or bonds which stick you with college in a real life.

You can take a look about Wealthy Affiliate here.  I like this opportunity when I can work from my computer anywhere in the world. Of course, I need an Internet connection. Fortunately, the Internet is a common thing.

How Overcome Obstacles

Obstacles are the engine of the progress. They give us the opportunity to move forward and check out how we are strong and capable deal with problems in the life.

The crisis can occur every day and every time. Our reaction is the main thing when we deal with obstacles and solve them.

We can  sit in one place, freeze and wait till somebody will rescue from the unpleasant situation. Anyway, there is the question. How long this freezing can last? One or other day we must move on.How Overcome Obstacles

How to Control the Situation?

The response to the situation is important when we would like to solve problems or overcome them. How we react and how we respond to obstacles it gives us the possibility to move forward, survive or suffer.

One of the ways to calm down is the deep breathing. When we breathe  we relax. It let us  concentrate and do not react automatically.

Are You the Leader?

Thousands  of years ago people lived in the tribes. Humans who had leaders were capable  protect surroundings and families. The fast and creative thinking helped choose right decisions. The survival and success depended on how fast  leaders reacted and solved problems. It is the same nowadays. If we will not search ways how to find solutions for problems, obstacles will be here. Nobody will take care of them. We are responsible for our actions and decisions.

Are You Afraid of Challenge?

If we want to  live successful  lives, we must react and deal with obstacles in a proper way. We must pay the attention to solutions. We know that problems are here. It is okay. To overcome obstacles, we must take action.

Sometimes   best decisions come to our heads after few hours or days. Sometimes we need to do research, listen to professionals, read the feedback or just listen to intuition.

The Attitude is the Vital for our Success

We can spend countless hours complaining about fate or cruelty. Does change  it something? I do not think so because we would loose the time and energy. When we concentrate on solutions and look for the  positive side of our obstacles, we move from miserable situations to the path of the progress. It can be  the small and tiny step. So what? Of course,  we would like to change the situation but sometimes we must be patient. The positive attitude helps us to see everything in the bright light and relax.

When we are in the charge of our thoughts and emotions we can get a grip and think clearly. The right attitude gives us the opportunity to choose the best way from miserable situations.

No to Fear

I guess that know the saying: ” It is easy to tell but difficult to accomplish something serious”.

When we met obstacles, we can be paralysed by fear. The fear can freeze and weak us. It is important to calm down using techniques  such as breathing or positive thinking.

Our reaction to obstacles is vital because we can make mistakes with decisions or we can react in the proper way.

Of course, if something dangerous happens to us such as robbery or fire, we must use survival skills. These skills are from our ancestors. We run or fight because we want to survive.

Obstacles, which are common spice in life, make us stronger. When we think clearly, we find solutions.

Find Supporters

Family, friends   and mentors are the  source for advice and support. We can ask for help and advice. We feel safe and confident when we know that we have the support group.

Of course, it is great to use own minds but the  feedback from supporters is valuable.

How do you react to obstacles? Maybe you know some methods which help you overcome problems? I would be delighted to hear from you.


10 Ways Relieve Stress

Nowadays the stress is the reason why people are tired, irritated and unhappy.The children are the  exception. They know how to enjoy life till somebody spoils and interrupts the being without worries.

The stress is good for a short time. If stressful situations repeat time after time we do not have ability  recover from constant tension.

Fortunately,  there are plenty ways how to correct our view towards  stress and reduce consequences. These consequences are disturbed sleep, nervousness, tiredness,  and fear.10 ways relieve stress

Why Do We Worry?

When we understand the reason of worries, we can take an action. If we can not change the  situation, we do not need worry. We can adjust our view toward the  problem. For example,  if  the rain does not stop during vacation, we plan activities inside house or hotel. We can go to concerts or meet old friends, visit new cities instead complains about  the sunny beach.

Sometimes we afraid to open letter because we expect bad news. Always is healthier to know what is going on compared with uncertain worries.

When we know why do we worry, we can take an action and take care of problems. Sometimes our imagination takes over. The  quiet mind is helpful when we want  to make right decisions.

Blame Genes

Ancestors hundred years ago fought with predators and invaders. They were ready to protect families and country. Deep inside we still have this sense of protection. This sense of protection takes over our common senses when we d not think and react in a calm and clear way.

We must understand that in every situation is  the solution for problems.

We must get a grip, evaluate  the situation and think in a logical way. Of course, if something horrible happens we must react fast and follow intuition and common sense.

Increase  the Physical Activity

Exercises are helpful in  various ways. They prepare us to be resilient and healthy. Exercises distract us from problems. Our minds can rest. After the break,  we can make  right decisions.

Think about the  Worst Situation

Sometimes we afraid to face problems. We imagine worst scenarios and stress out without evaluating situations. When we know that can happen in the worst situation we can stop, face it and start to think how we can find the best escape route from  the horrible or unpleasant situation.

Put Worries on the Sheet of Paper

Write down on  the sheet of paper thoughts about stressful situations, worries, fear of uncertainty. This action helps to see problems from the different angle. You distant yourself  from worries and leave the  burden to the sheet of paper. It is a way to look from  the  perspective of finding solutions how to reduce stress acting as the  outsider.

Do Not Forget to Breathe

I remember this phrase from the movie ” Shall we dance?” when  Jennifer Lopez reminded  Richard Gere to breathe before dance at the ballroom of dance competition. We can learn how to breathe from various books or just we must be aware of the  importance breathe in the right way.

We need oxygen for our brain. Without it, we can not think clearly and make right decisions how to act in one or other situations.

Make the Visualization Part of your Daily Life

We calm down when we listen to  sounds of rain or waves of the ocean. We relax when we heard songs of birds or favorite musicians. We must find what do we like and use it to improve the  quality of life.

We can find few minute for visualization of quiet beach or meadow. These pictures will transfer us and will help to reduce worries and stress.

People have different tastes and ways to achieve  the state of calmness and contentment. We must find what works for us and use the method of visualization to relieve stress and fear.10 ways relieve stress

Turn Off  News on TV

I appreciate the advice from Timothy Feris in his famous book ” The 4-Hour Workweek”. The author asks about latest events when he eats breakfast at cafeteria or visits shop.

When we watch  the news on TV, we add  the big portion of stress to our plate of worries. We can not change what happens in the world. We can change ourselves being best humans and serving others.

Do not Waste the Time on the Details

When we see a big picture and we do not concentrate on small details we can escape stressful situations. We know where do we go and we concentrate on our goals.

We can divide our day into tasks and finish them one by one. In this way,  we do not have time to worry because our tasks must be done as we scheduled them.

The Mantra

The mantra helps us to focus and relieves stress and fear. When we repeat words or sentences our subconscious mind remembers it. We can pick words which bring calmness and peace to our lives. I like the sentence: ” It will pass”.

How to Survive Till Vacation


How to Survive Till Vacation


The vacation is the  great thing for children and adults. The reaction is different because children can enjoy every minute  of life. Adults are restricted by routine and rules. They  can not so easily transfer from one condition to another. They lay on the beach and at the same time think about  the job. Of course, not everybody is a maniac and perfectionist.

The Importance of Last Days Before Vacation

People who work all year long  depleted and exhausted. They dream about rest and the change but the vacation did not start yet.

If we relax too early, we can make mistakes at the job. We can forget something important because we will think about vacation. The patience and constant checking of details is an  important step towards free time  from worries  for ourselves.

We must finish all tasks before vacation. If we skip something, coworkers will have a  bigger workload. They will be not happy.

Save Last Pieces of Energy Before Vacation

We worked all year long before vacation. We are tired. If we will take care of  house or apartment before vacation, we can be exhausted. It is the same with all difficult and heavy tasks. If these tasks are not vitally important, they can wait till we will have more energy and strength.

How to Use the Time at the Workplace

The morning at the job is more efficient compared with the second part of the day. We can plan tasks, write them down on the paper sheet. It gives us  the perspective that we control the situation.


Exercises give positive emotions. We can relax and build the strength before vacation. The mood will better and we will shorten time till vacation. Why? We will be happy and balanced. Everybody who exercises can feel positive changes for the  mind and for  the body.

The Right Posture Gives Benefits for the Body and the Mind

Last days at the job can be long and tiresome because we wait for vacation. The right posture  can help when we sit by computer  improve well-being for the skeleton. When we sit straight , the neck and spine do not suffer from the  wrong angle. We can spend last days with the  comfortable feeling that we healthy and fit.

Have a Good Sleep

The television and video games can disturb preparation for night’s sleep. Most of  the news are negative and disturbing. We remember bad things and we rethink them laying in the bed. It is advisable  to go to sleep earlier. The best night sleep according to doctor Carolyn Dean is from 9-10.

The walk before sleep, quiet time with the  book can prompt us to sleep in a relaxing and gentle way.

Do not Lose the Sense of Humor

It is a saying about human plans. We plan and God laughs. We want to control our lives but sometimes changes happen. If we can be thankful anyway for opportunities and life what we have, our vacation will be a nice break.


How to Escape from the Daily Grind


How to Escape from the Daily Grind

The syndrome of tiredness is a common condition for leading figures at work. Previously men, who had high positions, suffered from the  modern disease. Her name is chronic fatigue syndrome.

Nowadays women suffer too. Housewives, managers,  and leaders do not have  the escape from countless problems and worries.

Of course,  not everybody suffers from this condition. People are different. Their reactions to stress and conditions at work can differ.

Anyway, requirements at the job,  the competition and uncertainty about future creates the tension.

Who is Prone to  the Syndrome of Tiredness?

There are human beings who want to be perfect in  every area of life. They do not take  the vacation. They think that nobody else can perform in the same way as they accomplish their tasks. They pay attention to every detail.

Why Do We Need to Worry?

If we work without breaks, we can interrupt our well-being with overdoses of hard work.

How  Can We Recognize the Tiredness?

We constantly are tired and we want to  sleep without explanation.

When we rest and have a great sleep, we feel tired anyway.

The concentration is fuzzy. The memory is not so bright and sharp.

When we go to sleep, we can not do it. We are restless.

At the day time,  we yawn and feel tiredness.

Doctors explain that the dependency from work is the same as the dependency from alcohol. Not so much fun.

Can We Change the Situation?

We can change habits and situations , which lead to tiredness.

Ways to Escape the Daily Grind

We can divide tasks and spread them through week or day. The multitasking does not work because the efficiency is low.

We must take  breaks at work.

The coffee is  the great drink. It gives us the energy and pleasure. Unfortunately, the enormous consumption weakens the nervous system.

Mistakes are part of life. Do not punish ourselves if something happens.

The worker who performs one task at the time wins. He or she can concentrate and accomplish the job using attention and power of knowledge.

Do not mix personal life with life at work. Close doors and enjoy the rest of day.

The right nutrition makes the  difference. When we lack nutrients our bodies are tired.

The concentration is a key when we want to perform tasks in a best possible way. The meditation helps us to achieve the balance of thoughts and mind.

The yoga is the  best technique which gives us  strength and flexibility.

The vacation is a must to have for everybody who wants to achieve great results at the job and at the personal life.

What to Do if We are Constantly Tired?

We must have the time for ourselves. The relaxation, exercises, the company of good friends or the time with family members are valuable tools for tiredness prevention. When we pay the attention to the big things and leave details we can understand that life goes on anyway.

Paying the visit to  the doctor if we can not relax, it  can help to understand what is going on.