How to Survive Till Vacation


How to Survive Till Vacation


The vacation is the  great thing for children and adults. The reaction is different because children can enjoy every minute  of life. Adults are restricted by routine and rules. They  can not so easily transfer from one condition to another. They lay on the beach and at the same time think about  the job. Of course, not everybody is a maniac and perfectionist.

The Importance of Last Days Before Vacation

People who work all year long  depleted and exhausted. They dream about rest and the change but the vacation did not start yet.

If we relax too early, we can make mistakes at the job. We can forget something important because we will think about vacation. The patience and constant checking of details is an  important step towards free time  from worries  for ourselves.

We must finish all tasks before vacation. If we skip something, coworkers will have a  bigger workload. They will be not happy.

Save Last Pieces of Energy Before Vacation

We worked all year long before vacation. We are tired. If we will take care of  house or apartment before vacation, we can be exhausted. It is the same with all difficult and heavy tasks. If these tasks are not vitally important, they can wait till we will have more energy and strength.

How to Use the Time at the Workplace

The morning at the job is more efficient compared with the second part of the day. We can plan tasks, write them down on the paper sheet. It gives us  the perspective that we control the situation.


Exercises give positive emotions. We can relax and build the strength before vacation. The mood will better and we will shorten time till vacation. Why? We will be happy and balanced. Everybody who exercises can feel positive changes for the  mind and for  the body.

The Right Posture Gives Benefits for the Body and the Mind

Last days at the job can be long and tiresome because we wait for vacation. The right posture  can help when we sit by computer  improve well-being for the skeleton. When we sit straight , the neck and spine do not suffer from the  wrong angle. We can spend last days with the  comfortable feeling that we healthy and fit.

Have a Good Sleep

The television and video games can disturb preparation for night’s sleep. Most of  the news are negative and disturbing. We remember bad things and we rethink them laying in the bed. It is advisable  to go to sleep earlier. The best night sleep according to doctor Carolyn Dean is from 9-10.

The walk before sleep, quiet time with the  book can prompt us to sleep in a relaxing and gentle way.

Do not Lose the Sense of Humor

It is a saying about human plans. We plan and God laughs. We want to control our lives but sometimes changes happen. If we can be thankful anyway for opportunities and life what we have, our vacation will be a nice break.


How to Escape from the Daily Grind


How to Escape from the Daily Grind

The syndrome of tiredness is a common condition for leading figures at work. Previously men, who had high positions, suffered from the  modern disease. Her name is chronic fatigue syndrome.

Nowadays women suffer too. Housewives, managers,  and leaders do not have  the escape from countless problems and worries.

Of course,  not everybody suffers from this condition. People are different. Their reactions to stress and conditions at work can differ.

Anyway, requirements at the job,  the competition and uncertainty about future creates the tension.

Who is Prone to  the Syndrome of Tiredness?

There are human beings who want to be perfect in  every area of life. They do not take  the vacation. They think that nobody else can perform in the same way as they accomplish their tasks. They pay attention to every detail.

Why Do We Need to Worry?

If we work without breaks, we can interrupt our well-being with overdoses of hard work.

How  Can We Recognize the Tiredness?

We constantly are tired and we want to  sleep without explanation.

When we rest and have a great sleep, we feel tired anyway.

The concentration is fuzzy. The memory is not so bright and sharp.

When we go to sleep, we can not do it. We are restless.

At the day time,  we yawn and feel tiredness.

Doctors explain that the dependency from work is the same as the dependency from alcohol. Not so much fun.

Can We Change the Situation?

We can change habits and situations , which lead to tiredness.

Ways to Escape the Daily Grind

We can divide tasks and spread them through week or day. The multitasking does not work because the efficiency is low.

We must take  breaks at work.

The coffee is  the great drink. It gives us the energy and pleasure. Unfortunately, the enormous consumption weakens the nervous system.

Mistakes are part of life. Do not punish ourselves if something happens.

The worker who performs one task at the time wins. He or she can concentrate and accomplish the job using attention and power of knowledge.

Do not mix personal life with life at work. Close doors and enjoy the rest of day.

The right nutrition makes the  difference. When we lack nutrients our bodies are tired.

The concentration is a key when we want to perform tasks in a best possible way. The meditation helps us to achieve the balance of thoughts and mind.

The yoga is the  best technique which gives us  strength and flexibility.

The vacation is a must to have for everybody who wants to achieve great results at the job and at the personal life.

What to Do if We are Constantly Tired?

We must have the time for ourselves. The relaxation, exercises, the company of good friends or the time with family members are valuable tools for tiredness prevention. When we pay the attention to the big things and leave details we can understand that life goes on anyway.

Paying the visit to  the doctor if we can not relax, it  can help to understand what is going on.


How to Improve a Quality of Life


How to Improve a Quality in Life

Thoughts are things. Thoughts create well-being. They  form events of life. The quality of thoughts gives an advantage in the journey through life. We must be careful when we let random thoughts to form our behavior. Consequences can be bad because it takes the  time to fix things if something went wrong.

Avoid Negativity in the Life

Strange things happen. We can be lost in the miserable situations. Relatives or family members suffer or die. Jobs can be lost. When we let negative thoughts rule the world, we attract negative things to lives.

Change Negative Thoughts with Positive Thoughts

I think that everybody knows how negative thoughts influence mood.  It is enough few minutes for negative thoughts to take over  and  spoil  the great day for us or for our friends or family.

The best way to rid of negative thoughts is the change them with positive thoughts. We can think  the same time just about one subject. We can not plan the  trip to Alaska and at the same minute to choose what kind of bread we will buy. It does not matter how long is the thought in our head, we can think just one thought at the time. It means that we must check our thought and as soon as possible, change negative thinking with positive.

The Attention Pays Off

When we control  thoughts, we invite habits to life. Positive thinking relaxes body and mind. It means, that we can concentrate towards goals and dreams.

Look for Wise People

I think that mentors play  an enormous role in humans lives. We stream to learn from them. We can attend conferences, meetings, read books and ask questions if mentors are alive. We know if somebody reached their goals, we can do the same.

The Priority for Important Things

The television and  video games are addictive and can swallow energy and time. The time is the most important thing in lives. We can not buy it or borrow. It means that we can not waste time for small things such as gossip or an  interest how neighbors live. We must focus on  our goals.

Communicate with Positive People

Everybody knows how good company or joke can lift the mood and give a push forward. Positive people create an  easy environment and spread comforting energy.

Strive  for Perfection and Evolve Best Traits of Character

We can  surround ourselves with best books, attend conferences and listen  to famous and successful people. Unfortunately, without effort and action, we will stay in the same place. We will be dreamers, not players and performers. Dreams are great. Without dreams,  we can not paint  the picture of our goals.

When we have dreams, we must  put  the foundation under them. Without action,  we can not move forward.






How Do I Become Smarter

How Do I Become SmarterBeing smarter means that you can figure things faster and more efficient for yourself and friends, for family and humanity. How to  become smarter you can read  in countless books and blogs.

You read, enjoy the opportunity to open a  new page in your life. What is next? Do you want to read next book or watch a movie  where heroes win?

The world in the books , movies or video games is fascinating, inspiring and promising. It is just like that. Nothing more.

We are inspired by positive examples from role models. We want to change our lives, be smart and intelligent. How to become smarter?

Have goals

You must decide in which area you want to become smarter. Do you want to be great in your job? Would you like to follow your passion?

When you know what you want, you can start to improving yourself. It is advisable to write goals down. When you see what it is written, it becomes the part of your daily life. You can check the progress after couple weeks or months.

Take an action

When you know in which area do you want to be smarter, you must take an action. Continuing education, visiting new places, enrolling in groups, where people have the same interests as you will prompt you to absorb new things and become smarter.

Ask for advice

Librarians, lectors at the conference, influential people will answer willingly to questions. Sometimes they can be busy. You can write a letter or leave a comment under blog. The answer will come if you will seek for it.

Explore your creativity

People who learn how to paint, sing, dance or any of activities where you can discover new ways  how to express it , they become smarter. When we let our imagination lead us, we can relax. The tension releases if we had it. We forget about the routine of life. We immerse ourselves in the new world of discoveries.


Meditation is an ancient technique which balances the  mind. This technique helps to concentrate, clear t head from random thoughts. When the mind is clear we can  absorb new ideas.

Meditation helped thousands of people to achieve their goals and live their dreams. I heard one guy what for him the meditation is the same habit as the shower. He feels that he must  meditate every day. For him tings go smoothly, answers to questions come easily, decisions are made without effort and in a successful way.

These mentioned ways help to become smarter. What is the most important thing that we must be active and seek for improvement in the desirable areas.  Sometimes we get obstacles when we want to improve ourselves. Challenges are good. When we overcome challenges we gain the experience and the trust in ourselves. It makes us smarter and prepared to next adventures.


How to Save an Energy

An energy is the most desired thing when we talk about power and life.Without an energy, we can not perform simple tasks. How to save an energy and live a balanced life you will find here, in this simple post.How to save an energy

Keep simple

Are you the  overachiever? Do you check the performance of your employees again and again? Do you trust people or do you think that somebody wants to take an advantage of you?

When we fear  for something or we  have an urge to check things again and again, we waste our precious energy.

If you have a company,  the delegating of  tasks for employees and keeping them responsible for results can save time for you, give trust and respect for the  worker.


We can not accomplish all our tasks if we do not have a plan. Without a  plan,  we are as the ship without the  captain. We want to finish our tasks faster as possible. We rush. We are nervous because we have so much on the plate. Mothers, students, entrepreneurs are busy with daily performance.

We must decide what it is most important for us. We will make a list and mark by sequence tasks which are the priority. Prioritizing we save time and energy.

Pick activities

Deciding what gives us the joy ant contentment we can finish our tasks and jobs faster and with greater results.

Got the  boring job?

Okay, it is not the end of the world. If we complain about unpleasant and boring duties we will loose an energy and we will feel tired. Performing job and after finishing it we can reward ourselves. The ice cream, a  movie, a piece of chocolate can brighten our day.

If we know that now we must do the  boring job we need to get a grip and program ourselves for next day. The complaining does not help. The research of different options will open new doors. Now we will do what we must  do. We work at the unpleasant job and when we have time, we research for new ways how to change our lives.

Panicking and losing hope makes us weak as persons. We can perform unpleasant jobs. When we are free, we can make plans how to create our future. The evaluation of reality saves the energy. We do not run from things. We think how we can change it.


People who meditate constantly see the world clearly, without fear and with trust.The  mind is quiet, without additional thoughts. Meditation balances body and mind. With this technique,  an energy is preserved and saved. People who meditate, they can achieve goals faster and with better results.